Our Projects

We took down a very large oak tree that uprooted and was leaning on another very large oak. Very dangerous job, but of course we got it down safely. We also limbed up another huge oak over the house. Cleaned up and hauled off. Just another happy customer!

We took out 8 walnut trees. Hauled off and cleaned up to perfection. Now they are ready to install a new pool! Call any time for a fair and free estimate. 704-953-0057

Clearing some power lines in Mount Holly. There were lines running 5 different ways, a security light, power pole, and Guide wire to dodge. It all worked out perfectly. Another happy customer! Call any time for a fair and free estimate.

We took down an oak tree that was over 100 feet tall today. We had power lines and a fence to contend with, but everything came down slowly and safely. All hauled off and cleaned up!

Some before and after photos of 5 big Bradford Pears we completely removed in the last two days. Hanging over the house and fences, everything was taken down slowly and safely. Before we arrived two of the trees broke off and smashed the fence. We removed it and cleaned up the neighbors yard as well. Call any time for a fair and free estimate.

Limbed up 22 large trees today. We got most of it cleaned up. We'll be back tomorrow to finish limbing up another 8 trees and taking 2 down.

Trees taken down, everything hauled off, stumps ground, seed and straw spread.