Ensure Your Trees Stay in Great Shape

Rely on our tree trimming pros

Tree trimming is an essential service for your property. Having a professional care for your trees will allow them to flourish and grow healthily. Tucker's Tree Service is glad to handle your tree care.

We're glad to care for trees of any size. When we service your trees, we'll remove any unwanted or dangerous limbs and shape your trees. You can trust us to get your trees in fantastic shape in no time.

We proudly service Shelby NC, and all surrounding counties.

To improve the curb appeal of your home or business, schedule tree trimming services today.

When to trim your trees

When to trim your trees

Tree trimming allows you to control the growth of your trees while maintaining their overall condition. It may be time to trim your trees if you notice:

  • Lightning strike or storm damage
  • Damaged or diseased limbs
  • Excessive or uncontrolled growth

Time can also be a major factor. Trees typically need trimming every three to five years. If your trees need a trim, contact us today.